I'm da real ©offeequeen

Hey mrs.bitch/asshole/motherfucker,
do you ever heard the word problem?! Serious,no?
I can tell you what's a problem, you are a problem now!
You are like a virus but how could i kill you? how?
Why the fuck don't you get outta my brain?
This whole fuckin story lets me get insane!

The night....i had a dream,
you could think i sleep well except this scream,
this SCREAM!!!!!
why is that fuckin' bitch in my dream?!
she laughes... and thouches my shoulder!
but her contact lets me gettin older and older,
till i die... and thats the end of the dream,
i can't realize what i've even seen!

The next morning! nothings the same,
my thoughts got lost and i don't complain!
the sun shines/ a new life/ a new day
but than this motherfuckin bitchs crossing my way!!!!
WHATS WRONG?? why do you smile?!
do you cum if you see my ake for while??
My guns loaded, its aimed on my head,
no ones cares about me...no one will be sad!
than the shot/the people scream,
brain flews through the air, the fountains keen.

The day ends, the lights gone out,
the corpse of the bitch lies somewhere in the crowd,
the air is cushy and the wind blows through my hair,
and then i realized that my lifes not fair....

© By Dennis